Volunteer Information & Registration

First things first: THANK YOU! so much for answering your call to serve Christ by participating in Luke 14! You will be blessed!

Please share this site with a friend and invite them to join you in your service!

Our main need for Luke 14 is people to serve as a buddy to our guests of honor. **If you have not made arrangements for a specific job, you will serve as a buddy.** As a 1:1 buddy, you will stay with your guest through the entire event participating in everything they do! You’ll make sure they get to do all of the activities they want to do, help them get their food, get their picture taken, etc. You’ll get to be Jesus firsthand! (I’ll be jealous of you, because this is my favorite job of all.) You will not be responsible for bathroom breaks, and if the guest needs it, we will assign two of you to work together or you will stay with the guest’s caregiver. It may seem uncomfortable, but most buddies feel comfortable within just a few minutes of meeting their guest. Buddies have the most important job of all!

General Time Commitment:

Friday, April 13, 2017  2:30-8:00
Saturday, April 14, 2017  1:30-7:00 (Cleanup following 7:00.)
*We know a lot of people can’t do this entire time. Just come when you can! You can let us know specific times on the registration form.

We will contact you with further details about the event after March 1, but please go ahead and keep this on your calendar!

Registration & Donations

If you are able, please consider donating $10 for your t-shirt and $5 for your meal! **Keep in mind, you are not required to have the Luke 14 t-shirt in order to volunteer! These are optional. 

Click here to donate to Luke 14 Ministries!