2011 Photos & Stories

Luke 14 was a huge success this year!  This was the first year we did two nights – one night for children with disabilities and their families, one night for adults with disabilities and their families or caregivers.  It was a blessing to be able to honor almost 300 friends with disabilities!!
Hope was our speaker for this year. She was born after a failed abortion and was subsequently adopted by Christian parents. Hope loves to laugh and is a joy to be around!  Her story of life, victory and hope is simply amazing!
 Our worship pastor was playing dinner music and happened to start Amazing Grace.  This sweet guest walked right up, confidently took the microphone and started singing for us!
The petting zoo is a huge hit every year, and this was no exception!
This sweet little man wasn’t even performing with this group, but just came right on up to join in!  (We have a photo of him doing this a year or two ago too!)
It was nice to see some familiar faces at the popcorn booth!  My 5yo, Mattie, helped my mom keep everyone stocked up on the popcorn.  This was truly a labor of love for that little girl.. She loves popcorn, but is
allergic to dairy, so she served this all night without being able to have even one bite.  🙂   I include my children as much as I can each year!   They both have tender hearts toward those with disabilities, and Luke 14 and our other involvement with disability ministry are the reasons for that.
We tried to have more take home booths this year.  We had barrettes for the girls and women to make, bird houses to be painted, cookies to decorate and flowers to plant.  The kids was pretty psyched about his  flowers, and bubbles and donkey pulled wagon rides were only a small part of the outside fun!
I can’t close without telling you about this major story of the first night.  We had tornado warnings in our county and all of those surrounding us.  We welcomed people amidst rolls of thunder.   About 2 hours in, we  were told there were tornadoes spotted in a neighboring county.  We called the National Weather Service in our area, and they assured us we were still okay to keep partying!  The skies were certainly foreboding, and we had no idea how much the Lord was protecting us.  In every county north, south, east and west of ours, there were severe thunderstorms.  Some of us watched on the radar while a very severe storm with golf ball sized hail headed our direction, took a turn north and came back south again after it passed over our location… less than one mile away there were severe downpours and hail damage!  Yet we partied in sunshine through the entire event.  If that’s not God smiling on this big party of His, I don’t know what is.